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Bread by Faith

Bread by Faith Devotionals
  1. Today

    May 22: Job 28:20-28

    KJV Key Verse: Job 28:28
    28 And unto man he said, Behold, the fear of the Lord, that is wisdom; and to depart from evil is understanding.

    The difference between God’s wisdom and our wisdom is much more than anything we can think of. We may like to think of it as being the difference between a toy car and a real car, but in reality, it cannot be described by us because we simply do not know the depth of it. Job began to see the vast difference between earthly wisdom and Godly wisdom when his friends tried to explain what God was allowing into his life. To put it quite simply, they could not explain anything because they lacked the understanding!

    When we try to explain things from God’s view, or try to explain things that God has done, we will always fall short of the mark. But, having said that, God has given us a source of wisdom which is enough for us. The scriptures have been written so we will be able to understand as much as we need to. He has given us enough instruction so we will be able to understand that He is our God and we need to depend on Him because of His infinite wisdom. Adam and Eve were tempted to eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil; they were thrown out of the garden to ensure they did not disobey God and try the fruit from the tree of knowledge. God does not want us to have to cope with that sort of wisdom nor to want it.

    To fear the Lord is to recognise His wisdom and that He alone has the capacity for such wisdom. When we understand that part, then we may seek the wisdom He gives to us; the scriptures holding all we require. The true wisdom is hidden in Christ, revealed by the scriptures, and received by us through our faith and through the Holy Spirit. That wisdom will not feed pride, greed, vanity nor lust because it is there to exercise our faith. It teaches and instructs us to fear God, depart from evil and to depend on Him. That is the beginning of wisdom that we can know.

    Points to Ponder:
    Where do you go to learn things?

    How much do you depend on your bible for instruction?

  2. Day -1

    May 21: Proverbs 1:7-9

    KJV Key Verse: Proverbs 1:8
    8 My son, hear the instruction of thy father, and forsake not the law of thy mother:

    You know, one thing that I am not good at is keeping in constant contact with my parents. Whenever I do ring them or talk to them, they are so happy to hear from me. Whenever I do visit, they do like to fuss over me and make me feel like the prodigal son coming home. They do this because of their love towards me, not the fact that I am so good to them, because I never feel like I can do enough for them.

    Love is like that. Love makes you give 110%. Love makes you go further than is required. Love makes you do unexpected things! God's love to us has been shown in an extraordinary way. He allowed His son to give us His life for us on the cross, to pay for our sins. And He can only have done that for us because of His love for us. But how much do we actually give back to Him to show our love in return?

    God wants us to be in constant contact with Him. He wants us to be with Him so He can shower us with blessings. He wants to give us loads of things in our lives to make them better. But in order for us to accept those gifts, we have to go to Him in the beginning! If we are not going to go to Him, then how is He supposed to continue showing us His love?

    Our parents showed us so much love in the beginning by being there for us without us asking. They continue to look out for us even without us continuing to ask… But in order for them to know that we appreciate what they are doing for us, we have to thank them, and we have to show them we care what they do for us and think of us.

    If we are to be wise, we have to live our lives according to Gods word. We have to make sure we do have Him in our lives so He can work in our lives. He does this all for love. We should be doing this all for love too.

    Points to Ponder:
    What was the last unexpected thing that your parents gave to you?

    God wants to be your Father, are you willing to let Him?

  3. Day -2

    May 20: Revelations 4:9-11

    KJV Key Verse: Revelations 4:11

    When was the last time you were really thankful for something going the right way? When did you last have something happen, look back and think, wow, I am really glad it turned out this way after all? We all try to control our own lives and think we do a pretty good job most of the time, but we always seem to make mistakes and lose faith in what we can do because of those mistakes. We may look back on our accomplishments and think we have done ok, but there will always be times when we think we could have done better. The accomplishments build up our faith, but the failures break down our faith!

    It is at those times that we think we could have done with fore-sight because looking back we can see the pitfalls now we did not see then. If only we could have had someone guiding us through our lives who knew exactly what was going to happen! But we have! Christ has promised us He will be with us and that He will be willing to guide us and to keep us if we are willing to trust in Him. With that trust will come all manner of things we would not have otherwise thought through.

    Can you imagine the joy we will have knowing we have been able to make it through to the end and done things right; but just that, because we will be living out our eternal lives in joy and happiness! Can you imagine the sorrow we will face if we make it through to the end only to find that we face the rest of our eternal lives living in sorrow? We all do have the choice as to which way we see our lives working out. We all do have the choice as to whether we want to honour and obey our Living, Eternal, Loving, Caring and Awesome God! Once we do bring God back into our lives we do find that not only do we have joy and peace whilst we live on earth, but we have the secure knowledge we will have even more joy and peace living eternally by His side!

    Points to Ponder:
    How often do you think about the long term rather than the short term?

    How often do you let God be your guide?

  4. Day -3

    May 19: Matthew 7:7-11

    KJV Key Verse: Matthew 7:7
    7 Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you:

    If you need it and you don’t have it, then you either have to work for it or ask for it! There is always going to be things that you can never work for. Love and kindness are things which you work at, not for. Presents are things given without asking (normally). There are many ways in which we can achieve things in our lives.

    As a child, one needs to make sure your parents know where you are at, so they know what your needs are. When you are very small, they have to do much of the thinking for you. But as you grow up, that thinking process becomes more and more your own task until it gets times when you are faced with leaving home. At that stage it is expected that you should have picked up enough knowledge and common sense to go out and fend for yourself. But still, there may well be things which you have to ask of your parents from time to time… There are also many times when you may well wish you were still a child and you could go back to your parents and have them to do the minding once again.

    When we start our lives with Christ, we start as babies and we depend on Him for everything. The wide differential between Him and us means we never truly grow up from being a child. If we think we have grown up and try to leave, we will very quickly find out we are still children and we cannot cope without Him. We try to go out alone and find out the world is actually too much to deal with – that is when we realise we are still children and children need their parent’s protection and help.

    What we also need to remember is that despite us being the naughty children that we are, He continues to love us and protect us; He continues to want us to ask of Him always. That is when we need to go to Him in humble and frequent prayer.

    Points to Ponder:
    Do or did you like living at home with your parents?

    How much more can you love living with Christ?

  5. Day -4

    May 18: Genesis 3:16-19

    KJV Key Verse: Genesis 3:17
    17 And unto Adam he said, Because thou hast hearkened unto the voice of thy wife, and hast eaten of the tree, of which I commanded thee, saying, Thou shalt not eat of it: cursed is the ground for thy sake; in sorrow shalt thou eat of it all the days of thy life;

    When was the last time you were caught out doing something you really should not have been doing? I’m not talking about something like talking in class, but something a bit more drastic, something you would rather not have to tell other people about… How did you feel at that moment of being caught? Can you remember how it felt like the blood drained totally out of your head? Can you remember the dry feeling in your mouth? How about your brain? Did it seem to suddenly go into neutral and there was just nothing you could do? I can remember a few moments like that in my life…

    What sort of punishment did you have to face for what you did? Adam and Eve had to face up to the ultimate authority, an authority previously with whom they had been able to commune with, been able to walk with and talk with. And yet now they had to face up to admitting that the one thing they had been told not to do, had just been done!

    When we are placed into a position of trust, the last thing we would want to do is to break that trust. Unfortunately, there is one who is more than willing to encourage us into breaking every trust at every conceivable moment. We always have to be on our guard against him and always have to try and make sure what we are doing is God’s will on not his will. We do not always think of the consequences of doing things and we most certainly do not think of them when we are having fun – that is going to be our weakest point, the point at which we will be tempted by the greatest tempter of all…

    Because of our sins (and no, you cannot blame it all on Eve because we are the ones who continue to sin) we have been condemned to a life that is nothing like that which Adam first knew. For all intents and purposes, it is like we are in prison! It does not take much to turn your life around, so you can at least get out on parole!

    Points to Ponder:
    When did you last get caught out?

    Do you think you have got away with it just because no human saw you?

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