Xtreme Teen Retreat 2013

Teen Retreat 2013

Another year has come and gone and another teen retreat has come to an end. Thank you all for making this year fun!

Each year on retreat I get to know each of you a bit better and what makes you tick. I take that knowledge and use it to make our teens club a little better; so lets look forward to another year wich ends up being even better than this year has been!

We had a busy time trying to get involved with all the sports and rounded the last night off with a talent show in which everyone participated in one form or another! As promised, here are the results...

Sports Results
Air Hockey
1st Cami
2nd Sarah
3rd Lily
1st Caughley
2nd Cami
3rd Corrie
1st Cami
2nd Lois
3rd Ally
Frisbee Golf
1st (tied) Lily & Cami
3rd Ally
1st Corrie
2nd Cami
3rd Isaac
Table Tennis
1st Ally
2nd Corrie
3rd (tied) Lily & Caughley

Talent Show Results
1st Corrie (solo singing)
2nd Caughley/Lily (duet singing)
3rd (tied) Cami (card tricks) & Lily (solo singing)

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