The End of the World?

The End of The World?

So were you ready for the end of the world? You know, the one that was supposed to end a few days ago! Sorry, but I could not resist the title :-)

We have had a wonderful year again at Xtreme Teens and I must praise all of you for keeping it real and continuing to be faithful in coming out to challange me every week. I personally have continue to grow in The Lord because of the work that I have been able to get involved with and I hope that I have shared some of that with you. I know we have had our moments during the year, but we have come out as a stronger team in the end. God has continued to make this all possible through generous giving from so many people so that we can share some time with Him each and every week.

My heartfelt thanks go out to Pastor and Mrs Thompson for being there faithfully as well and continuing to make this all possible for us.

As we close now for a much earned rest, and some "unfortunate study time" required by you during exams, I want to take this oppurtunity to thank you for your love and support during the year. My plan is to come back next year at the earliest possible time (1st Thursday of next year!) with a renewed vigour to make our youth group even better than it is now! So whilst you knuckle down and get ready for exams and the end of term, I will knuckle down and plan something too.

May I also take this moment to wish you all a very blessed and wonderful Christmas; take time to remember that we are celebrating the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ, and come back after a fabulous New year!


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