Something Completely Different

And now for something completely different!

This week for our activities week we will be doing something very different. Whilst it is not compulsory, I think we should all join in just because it will be such fun!

It's a "Desert Off!" Each person, or pair of people (no more than 2 in a team) will have to present a desert or cake or something sweet (biscuits, whatever...) for everyone to taste. That means making something that is not too small (but not too big otherwise we all end up being sick from eating too much) so that each person can taste test it. If you need anything baked or cooked then that will have to be done at home and the result brought to teens.cheesecake

As a bonus I will be preparing my easy cheese-cake at the church to show you how easy it is so you can impress your parents too.

Don't worry if you cannot bring anything because you may well be dragged into helping me portion out the cheese-cake into mini cakes.

But do try to have a go at something – it will be fun preparing it and even more fun eating it afterward!


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