Deserts And Things

deserts 1 20130321 1491285691  Well it seemed like a good idea at the time... to have a "Desert Off" instead of a "Bake Off", but then we were faced with a lot of stuff to taste and eat :-P

Not that that was too much of a problem, really, I mean, what a selection!!!

I was imagining maybe a handful of different things to judge and we get a whole table full of food - and not a single main course in sight - what bliss!deserts 2 20130321 1429674045

And so I chickened out and chose the ones that did not manage to bring anything in to do the judging so that I would not have to choose between the chocolates, cakes, cookies, pancakes and all those other temptations!

Oh, and not forgetting the birthday cake (not shown) which never got touched because we had so much other stuff to get through!

deserts 3 20130321 1115881702

I think I may have put on a few pounds just looking at this table full - never mind the extra pounds whilst eating my way through each one... I just had to try each one in turn!!!

I guess a week of work has to be done now to try and get some of this weight off :-)

Thank you all for putting so much effort into a fantastic evening!

-DJ (now a bit fatter)

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