Teen Retreat 2012

[update] It's Here! Now! Wake-UP! [update]

... is almost upon us! Are you ready for the Teen RetrEAT? Monday 30th July through Friday 3rd August (just in case you forgot!)

I will be picking people up before midday - so I'm affraid that you have to get up before midday during your holidays ;-) and we run through until 9pm each day apart from Wednesday when we stop early for our church Bible Study.

Hopefully the weather should have improved a bit by then so that we can enjoy outdoor activities as well.

See you there!

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Bigger and Smaller at the same time

The bells, the bells... lol... The bells of change are ringing once again in Xtreme Teens - but it is neither me demanding changes nor us having to change things to fit in with an ever annoying politically correct brigade that seems to want to take over our children's lives. Instead it is the wonderful time of year when we see a new generation of teens make it into the club. It is wonderful to see some younger ones come up from the Awana club into the teens club and even better to see how the current team have gelled with them. It is awesome to see young people of varying ages come together and just enjoy being who they are instead of pretending to be parts of various age groups that should never mix!

It is also getting closer to that time of year where some of the older teens will have to start concentrating more on homework and revision so that exams may be passed and grades reached! So don't be shy about saying that you have to work because it is actually IMPORTANT! Did I shout that too loud ;) Seriously, grades are important, but so is God and so is some free time - organisation of your time helps...

DJ1, you would be proud to see how well they continue to grow!

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Logging in...

Ok, to try and make things a bit easier I have enabled the options to be able to log in from various other systems instead of creating a new account just for this site - so you will be able to use whatever login you already have... like Facebook, Google, etc... or at least that is the plan - untested apart from Google at the moment - but it looks good ;-)

What will logging in give you? Well, not a lot at the moment apart from being able to comment on pictures and the like... I'm rushing through things to try and get permissions set up correctly so you may have to prod me with a stick and ask why something is not working the way you think it should...

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Fish & Chips Night

Just when you thought it was safe to try to start a spring diet - along comes a Fish & Chips night from Xtreme Teens! We bought a few extra portions so that we would have spare in case someone else turned up, and the local chippy threw in a few extra portions as well - so we ended up with almost enough for 2 portions for everyone! We carried some away in a doggy bag (or two) even after DJ tried his best at reducing the food pile!

And then afterwards, partly because we could not move from eating so much, we sat down for some discussion time about anything that came to mind; needless to say our Xtreme bunch come up with some pretty strange topics... but that is why we are Xtreme Teens!

Matthew 18:20 For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.

We can always be sure that God will be the one protecting us when we come together to praise Him and glorify Him - so get some sleep tonight :-P

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Yet another new site

Yep, it's another new site on it's way... The Bread by Faith has a new site. The Faith Baptist Church has a new site. And besides a few more, I decided to upgrade this site too - unfortunately it had been upgraded once too many times and it would not allow me to upgrade again - so here it is - all fresh and new :-)

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