Open(ish) Evening(ish)

As I said a while back - we are hosting an open evening on 27th where we are inviting some potential victims, I mean members, who can come along to see what Xtreme Teens is all about. Hopefully this will encourage more people to come along so that we can at least fill up the minibus; after all what use is a minibus unless it is full?

So all people who have just started in high school but who have not turned 12 yet are invited along to sample a manic session...

It does not mean that we are relaxing the rules about joining because the rule still stands that you can join teens during the year that you go up to high school and will turn 12. I.e. if you turn 12 before Christmas then you are allowed to come to XT during the first term of school. If you turn 12 after the new year then you will have to wait until the first meeting after Christmas before you can come along. This has been a long-standing rule and we will stick by it so don't come along and expect us to change. We have always been honest and up front and we expect you to be honest as well because that is our philosophy at Xtreme Teens!

7:00pm to 9:00pm... and it's normally a 'school night' i.e. it is Thursdays so make sure your parents/guardians know exactly where you are!



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Club Layout Changes

Just in case anyone looks at the web site to try and remember what is going on, here is a head's up of what we have planned. Don't forget to look at the calendar to find out about specific details - it is a shared google calendar in case you want to subscribe to it - let me know...


Layout for future Xtreme Teens meetings:

1st week of every month is question time. You get the opportunity to ask those questions and put us on the spot!

2nd week will alternate between discussion time and food night each month - so we have a food night every 2nd month on the 2nd week of the month... If you don't understand then watch the calendar!

3rd week will be activity night where our discussion will be short and we will have a go at doing things, making things, or sometimes going out somewhere.

4th week of each month will be discussion night

5th week (because there is not always a 5th week) will be random - well, more random than we normally are - not that we are normal! lol


So this week cracks off with building mini trebuchets and catapults for a war game with a difference!

Be there!


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Brad Jordan News

This week I am going up to somewhere near Doncaster to be with my son (Brad Jordan) and his fiancé as they get married. Many of you may remember him because he used to come to Xtreme Teens a number of years ago... boy how time flies!

So XT this week may well turn out to be on Friday evening as well. I will, hopefully, let you know via text message and via this site by the end of today, or first thing in the morning.

As always, your DJ


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Teen Retreat 2011

Well another teen retreat came and went and what a great time we had! Most people were able to come along for at least one or two days - especially the days we went out and about! We started archery on Monday (which went on much of the time during the week), Africa Alive on Tuesday, Bowling Wednesday, Owl Sanctuary Thursday, Water fight & BBQ Friday, sleep Saturday!

The best part was probably just being able to spend so much time together, away from everyone else...

As for the sports competitions - well we did seem to run out of time for most things :-P But here are the results where we did do enough to find a fair winner!

Archery: Best Boy, Jarret (45 points). Best Girl, Georgia (33 points).

Bowling: Best Boy, Jarret (119, 2 strikes). Best Girl, Caitlin (104, 3 strikes).

Darts: Best Boy, Jarret (140). Best Girl, Naomi (101).

Golf: Overall Best Score, Jarret (31).

Looking forward to more enjoyable and special Xtreme Teens meetings!



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Teen Retreat is coming up! Get it in your diaries NOW! 8th August through to 12th August 2011!
We will be meeting from about midday through to about 9pm each day (though Wednesday 10th will be a half day with no evening time) Hopefully the minibus will be ready so I can actually pick your all up on time.
Lots of games to look forward to. Lots of things to do. A couple of days out doing things too.

[ edit: this article was created using my Facebook login - just to prove it works - p.s. you need permission before you can publish :-P ]


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