Site Upgrade

As you may notice - for those who watch the site... It is in the process of being upgraded :-)

As soon as I find a nice theme I will change it, but for now the default one works... I will put the photos back asap - but maybe not tonight :-P

[edit: 8-July-2011]

Ok, got the layout sorted, now just got to find where all those pictures went to :-P!!!

[edit: 10-July-2011]

And now we have the pictures back - though some are a bit small - I will be enabling users to log into the site and add comments etc - may even link it to Facebook - looking into it...

...and after a long while... Looks like Facebook login will be able to be enabled - but not until I do a little work :-P

[edit: 11-July-2011]

Facebook connections are in place - and work, ish, mostly, sort-of, kinda...


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About time!!!

Well it is about time that I wrote something about the missions trip that I went on the the Blunt Family... Was I prepared for it? Not likely!

I had an idea in my mind about what to expect and what I came to see was something entirely different! I suppose I was ready for getting up in front of children and given them God's Word but what I was not ready for was the difference between those children and the ones I care for back at base here at Faith Baptist Church. The most amazing thing was that no matter how different they are, the Word of God does not change; but it can sure change us!

Being able to give everything to be there to show the gypsies that God cares about their children as well as them even though they live a very different life was a privelege. Sure it was hard work, harder than I am used to and certainly harder than I have had to work before... but on that last day when you realise that they have been listening and taking things in - you know that God is still working in all places in our world!

What was equally amazing was that there was someone back at base that was willing (and very able) to care for us by making sure that we had wonderful food and rest whenwe got back. Working for God is not about lifting yourself up and bragging about God. Working for God is working together in a team that God has chosen to lift Him up and glorify Him - and it needs every part of that team to work together to make sure that things happen!

I learned a new facet to love by being there in a loving family facing the odds - but still being willing to take God's Word to those that need it! God certainly does bless those that work for Him, no matter what part of the team you are, you count!

Pull together as a youth group working for God and you will notice things take on a new light as He blesses you in ways you never dreamed of!



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Thursday 21st April

... is bowling night! We will get there and bowl and also grab some food to eat - not sure if we will eat there is go down the road to KFC...

I know that some of you will miss it because you will be away on holiday - but we will make up for it later in the year


Final Scores:

Jarret: 131
Jesse: 115
David: 103
Jake: 102
Shannon: 100
Caitlin: 99
Jade: 78

Pastor: 158!
DJ: 142
Mrs Tompson: 87
Mrs Potter: 86

And we had all the fun :-)


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Sorry for slow updates

Sorry for the lack of response with updating the site but with all that has been going on I have not had as much time to do things like update the site as well as keep things going. Needless to say that I do have a little time now... This week was going to be another rush but as luck would have it things are changing hour by hour... I will keep this post up to date as I hear things but it looks like I will be here this week and not up north on a mission!

[UPDATE 14th] I was due to go up north on a mission this week but it will now be happening next week so I am here this week... That means delaying the bowling for a week... I will pick up on the next word I mentioned last week and then you can go bowling on 23rd June instead.


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We have Air Hockey

Thanks to one of our teens we now have an Air Hockey table! Only just got it to the church this evening and have not had time to set up and test yet but you bet we are going to this week!!!

Thank you very much Georgia!

*** UPDATE *** Thanks to a generous donation from a friend we have more money in to purchase a table-tennis table... So if anyone knows of anyone who has a 2nd hand folding table-tennis table that has wheels - let us know and we can replace our rather cumbersome table! ***


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