End of year bash! (Edited)

Start time 5:00pm... In other words I will start picking people up by about 4:00pm so we can be at the church by 5:00pm! We are aiming to finish by 10:00pm but be a little flexible with the time in case we run over a bit...

We will be ordering in Pizza & something else (for those who don't eat pizza for some strange reason)...

We will also be watching a movie at the church - popcorn included

A text message will come round tomorrow as a reminder so please make sure that your parents know about it!


OK, so 2010 is drawing to a close... and we don't have Xtreme Teens between Christmas and New Year... so we though we would make a difference and organise something a bit different this year!

Since 23rd December will be our last meeting this year... and I don't have work... and you don't have school... and we have the original DJ (Dan) with us... we kind of think that it would be a total waste of time if we did not take advantage of the situation!

So, this Thursday, we start early! We finish Late! We have food! We have fun! We have it all!

I will be updating this message as we get things organised... but we will aim to start early and finish late... If we are snowed in then we will still have something for anyone who can walk to where we will meet - wherever that will be... But our aim is to meet at Faith Baptist Church, Bromeswell much earlier than normal!



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Did you know...

... that it will be Christmas pretty soon! I kind of guessed that you did because some peeps are even counting the days now...

Well, we do like to make a meal of things at Xtreme Teens - so we think we should have another food night soon! I will have a look around and see if we can combine eating and bowling or something like that...

If you have any preferences about where you want to go (and you know we can get there!) then drop me a line, text me, facebook me, whatever...

Don't forget, you only have 3 more clubs before Christmas! lol



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Teen Retreat!

The time has come around once again - quicker than I can think anyways - for a great time to be had by all our teens for a whole week! If you have forgotten, not registered, haven't been for a while, whatever the excuse... don't worry -you can still come along!

Is it going to be expensive... No!

Is it going to be fun... Yes!

God is central to our lives whether we know it yet or not. He is our Creator, Saviour, Guide, God! We want to show you just how important it is to acknowledge Him in our lives because the last thing you want is to be left behind... It will all change "in the twinkling of an eye"...



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It's about that sort of time again...

Yeah I am getting a bit hungry too! So it is about that sort of time when we can go ape and get some food in to eat at Xtreme teens!

Thursday 16th will be KFC night so make sure that your are ready for it!

If you do have any special requests about what you like or don't like then contact me BEFORE thursday otherwise you may well have to make do with what we like!

Please remember that you cannot just come along to food nights and leave the normal nights to the rest... Food nights are for those who come regularly and for those that I invite! So if you really do want to come and you have not been for a while you will have to contact me and make sure that I invite you!

I don't want anyone to miss out... I have opened a booking session so you can contact me through this web site... No excuses...

Always in God's protective hands



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Audio Devotions

Well I have figured out how to get back to recording audio devotions again so each day you can listen to me again

 Thanks to the guys at gabcast for giving a good service in allowing me to record the devotions...

You can point just about anything towards the RSS feed (including itunes) and you can then listen in...



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