New Picture Gallery

Ok, after fighting with cactus software for too long I have finally changed the gallery software to one that works awhole lot better! I have replaced the link in the menu on the left to point to the new gallery.

New options:
All registered users will be able to upload their own pictures (subject to admin approval)
Works a whole lot quicker!
Should work better with mobile devices...


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Church too cold but bowling ally isn't!

The church has not been used with too much snow in the car-park ... but the roads around here are all ok now, so I think we should go BOWLING!

I have created a group for Xtreme Teens and an event on facebook... Sign in & join in...

Facebook link: click THIS. It should work if you have a facebook account... I think... erm, maybe... or try the button below... something is bound to work!

 Join FBC XT Facebook group


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Party Time!

Once again we draw close to the end of another year of Xtreme teens and get ready for the short break (and only break) that we have over Christmas; but to first get us in the mood for Christmas we have our annual Christmas Party!

No more (pine)apple biting - just real nice food - oh, and a few more games too!



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Snow Fun

 Sorry, but XT has been postponed yet again... The snow makes it a bit too dangerous for the minibus and the church is more like a fridge at the moment

We will have to make it up somehow - maybe we can meet up somewhere on Rendlesham and make a giant snowman!


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Seek and to Save

Ok, some time ago we came up with a new slogan for the Xtreme Teens: Seek and to Save

This comes from Luke 19:10 and we said that we should design a logo to go with that. I have 'had a go', what can you come up with?



DJ's attempt at logo



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