Pizza Time!

Well, it's about time we had some pizza brought in, so tonight will be the night! And here is a picture of one to make your mouth water


I wish I could make pizzas like this!

(picture curtosy of PDPhoto)

update: mmmm we wiped out the pizzas (eventually)


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New bus up and rolling

Well, we have the new minibus and have used it for Sunday School and Xtreme teens. A whole lot more room for people and a pair of lights that allows everyone to see inside (hopefully no more people loosing things on the bus).

Here is a live picture from my webcam that watches out over the carpark at the back where we par

(if the minibus is not there, we are using it!)



Webcam View

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Coming soon...

Well, we have put our deposit on the new(er) minibus and are waiting for it to go through MOT. Because it is 15 seater it has to go to special MOT place - and they take their time! Hopefully be able to pick it up on Saturday!

Our "DUF" minibus - lol (refers to the numberplate - lost picture)



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Mobile Version

I have found a nice plugin that changes this site so that it is easily viewable using mobile devices such as phones and PDAs... give it a go... no excuse to not keep up to date now!


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I seem to have broken the whole Xtreme-teens site ... and it is going to take a few days to get this all back up and running again... In the mean time you could think about asking me to add some different stuff to the site if you wanted!

[and yes - I broke it again...]

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