Should I worry about what other people get up to?

This is a question that seem to come up time and time again throughout our walk with Christ. Should I be worrying about how my friends are acting when they say that they are saved?

The answer is more simple than you think but it is not a simple yes or no. I'm not going to take the 'cop out' clause and say the question should be changed because that would just not be answering the question! Instead I am going to give you the answer that you probably do not want to hear! You have to make sure that you are right with God first! That's right, you are the one who has to make sure that they are walking with God - not just taking a stroll but walking in step with God.

Jesus has a way with words and these are the words He used as told by Matthew (Matthew 7:3)  "And why do you look on the splinter that is in your brother's eye, but do not consider the beam that is in your own eye?"

Sometimes when we are looking at others and thinking just how they have slipped off the rails or walked away from God we loose sight of our own path and walk with God. We start to focus on the people and things around us rather than on our walk with God. We then start to wander ourselves without realising it. And then when our friends see us wandering they have no problems with going with the flow and continuing to walk away from God. We are the ones that need to set the example by which others can follow God through.

If we have asked Christ into our lives at some stage in the past then we are the ones that need to show others that we now walk with God and not by ourselves, tripping in the dark. The whole point about us getting Christ into our lives was that we would have the Light in our lives so that we could walk in His will... Notice I say "in His will" and not "walk the walk & talk the talk". If we are just giving lip service to our King then we are certainly not following Him!

Christ wants us to walk hand in hand with Him all the way so that He can lead us all the way. Then, and only then, can we help others to get back on track... Should we worry? Yes. But that worry needs to start with us first and then to our friends...


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Biblical View on Dating

There has always been questions raised about dating, whether we should or should not and how far to go and what God's Word says about it. I am not one for reading lots of books and things to try and find out the answers but rather depend on God's Word and wise people to teach me.

When I have tried to sit down and read the various article and books that I have been presented with, my interest has waned because of the amount of reading that has been required. Today I cam across two article on the internel that sparked my interest and actually kept me captivated. I had both my trusty paper bible and my computer based bible open and was intently following each of the scriptural references - why? because it affected me!

I have included links to the two articles below in the hopes that you will read them and be encouraged as I have been.

In God's capable hands


Biblical Dating: An Introduction

Biblical Dating: To Kiss or Not to Kiss


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Do you have any pictures?

Yes, we do place some random pictures on these pages. We have a gallery of past pictures which can be accessed by pressing HERE ... It is not optimised for mobile viewing but you can still get there ...

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How Can I Get Daily Devotions

You can get daily devotions through several ways now...

1) The Android App (Bread by Faith) is now available in the app store

2) The Devotions are published every day on-line

3) You can link via my Facebook page or my Twitter feed

4) You can send me and email and I will add you to the emailing list which goes out daily too

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What is it?

Xtreme Teens is a youth club run by Christians for teenagers (actually anyone between 12 and 18 - though we will not usually hold age against you when you do reach 18).

We meet to have fun and games, enjoy each others company, fool around and also to discuss Christianity. This does not mean that we stand up and preach God's Word without you having a say... We ask for questions to be put forward and we try to answer as many as possible in the form of a discussion. In other words, we get you to be involved in the answers so that you can see how Christianity can affect your life.

We do have some very random games...

Ever tried to play blow-ball when you have a cracker in your mouth?

... as well as normal games ...

Four Square

... and sometimes we go out and enjoy ourselves even more ...



... and we also have a tuck-shop where you can fill up on things to keep you going!

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